Marie-Paule SIRUGUET

Piano | CRR de Boulogne-Billancourt - PSPBB


After brilliant studies in the conservatoire de Paris where she obtains six first prizes in piano, chamber music, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, accompaniment, Marie-Paule Siruguet carries on her training in class of analysis and composition, then in cycle of improvement of the piano with Paul Badura-Skoda, Maria Curcio and György Sebok. Prize winner of the Viotti and Marguerite Long contests, she obtains in 1979 the second price of the Clara Haskil competition.
Teaching in the conservatoire de Paris in class of accompaniment then piano teacher conservatoire national de region de Boulogne-Billancourt, she became a famous pedagogue, often requested for training and preparations to the music competitions.
She played as a soloist or chamber musician in many countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, England, Tunisia, Morocco, Latvia, Russia...) and in festivals such as Octobre en Normandie, Musique en Sorbonne, festival Chopin, festival du Périgord Noir, Nancyphonies, Mai musical de Bordeaux, festival Roussel, Printemps musical de Provins, Aspects des musiques d'aujourd'hui.
Three recordings of Marie-Paule Siruguet are also premieres:
- The original version (1836) of the 3rd sonata of Schumann (Lyrinx): "One of most beautiful interpretations of Schumann than I heard for a long time" (Alain Duault).
- The integral of the twelve interpretation's studies of Maurice Ohana, with the percussionist Vincent Bauer (collection 20ème siècle, derniers jours, de l'université de Rouen).
- The integral of the three books of Agrexandrins et la Dormeuse and Les Oiseaux de Nuit , of which she is the dedicatee, in the double compact disc devoted to work for piano of Alain Louvier (Saphir Productions). Marie-Paule Siruguet recorded in 2004 a disc devoted to Claude Debussy, with the integral of the Images, including 3 Forgotten Images.